November Luncheon & Webinar: Visual and Non-Visual Effect of Light

In-Person or Virtual
November 18, 2021 | By CSC Vancouver

In this presentation, we will go over Proxima's lighting design processes including getting the designer's idea and characteristics of the projects, developing concepts up to offering detailed design and custom solutions (where needed) both for exterior and interior lighting. The presentation would include a few illustrations and case studies. The main focus is the transition that has happened recently in lighting design considerations from quantitative calculations to qualitative evaluations.

In the second part, we will present an overview of the germicidal effect of light and how it can be leveraged during the building design phase. This part of the presentation will also include a walkthrough of a few UV disinfection projects of Proxima to demonstrate how we can simulate the risk of exposure. Also health, safety and efficacy considerations will be discussed.

Physical Location: Hydra Restaurant - 475 Howe St. Vancouver, BC
Webinar: A zoom link will be provided the evening before to online registrants. 
In-Person Cost (includes lunch): $38 + GST (members) or $49 + GST (non-members)
Online Cost: $10 + GST (members) or $20 + GST (non-members)
AIBC Continuing Education: 1 LU

Link to Register: https://www.karelo.com/enter_res.php?&BID=212&Ev=20002

Presented By: 

Sasan is the Cofounder of Proxima Lighting Solutions. Sasan has received his Master’s degree in Power Systems majoring in AI applications in system design. Sasan has a track record of 25+ years diverse experience in electrical, lighting, sustainability & energy engineering and proven skills in designing, implementing and managing large scale industrial, residential, commercial and urban projects. His experience along with his passion to control the intractable rays of light, made him competent enough to implement a variety of innovative lighting design for outstanding projects around the globe.

Yaser is the senior advisor of Proxima's R&D with a major focus on light-based innovation including UV germicidal irradiation. With a PhD in Electrical Engineering and 10+ years of experience in R&D, commercialization, entrepreneurship, and knowledge mobilization; Yaser is equipped with the scientific and experimental background to bring lighting innovation into practical reality. His current role in Mitacs includes developing and maintaining long-term research partnerships at the senior level within industries and universities.