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District Energy Systems: Intelligent Connection

Thursday October 12th, 2017
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
180 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

Presented by DALE CARTER, Fellow ASHRAE & Andrew Byrnes M.SC- Pinchin West LTD.

In a region with increasing building envelope insulation requirements, planned step code implementation, and improving building construction practices, is there a value in district energy systems? How does a modern, mixed-use development in a climate like Vancouver develop an innovative, local solution to achieve sustainability and resource recovery objectives? These questions and more will be answered in this presentation which will discuss the opportunity for ambient-temperature district energy.

On-site resource recovery can be a successful means of reducing a development's environmental impact. This is highlighted by the City of ancouver's recent decision to remove district energy connectivity requirements and instead promote the adoption of site-specific low-carbon energy systems. A case study on the low-carbon, heat-recovery energy system that was successfully implemented at Marine Gateway will be presented.

Dale Carter is an ASHRAE Fellow, founder of DEC Engineering, and has over 30 years in the arena of mechanical design for buildings in the lower mainland and across Canada. Now a project specialist at Pinchin, Dale is a leader in encouraging innovation in low-temperature district energy and sustainability.

Andrew Byrnes, P.Eng, is a project manager for alternative energy projects at Pinchin (formerly as DEC Engineering). He has been responsible for several district energy feasibility study, design, construction, and optimization projects including the Marine Gateway Energy Centre.

So come with questions, as there will be a Q & A period also.

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