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April 28th - June 23

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The Art of a Builders Lien

Presented by Anna Sekunova, Clark Wilson LLP

April 10th, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Sandman Hotel
180 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

Builders liens can be a very effective tool for securing unpaid amounts by various participants in the construction industry. Despite their effectiveness, builders liens are very technical and require meticulous compliance with the applicable legislation - the Builders Lien Act. In this session, Anna Sekunova will discuss how to properly deal with builders lien issues, including:

  • whether consultants have lien rights;
  • how to properly file a lien;
  • how to advance or defend a lien claim;
  • how liens can be removed; and
  • how to deal with claims against holdback funds.
  • This is your chance for "free" legal advice!

Anna Sekunova is an associate with the firm of Clark Wilson LLP and a member of the firm’s Business Litigation and Infrastructure, Construction & Procurement Groups.

Anna represents individual and corporate parties in various litigation matters. Her experience includes resolving director and shareholder disputes, real estate issues, commercial lease disputes and all types of contract disputes.

On the construction side, Anna represents clients in all phases of projects, from preparation of construction contracts to the handling and resolution of claims. Anna regularly deals with builders lien issues, delay and deficiency claims, bond claims and other construction-related issues. Anna is committed to using the alternative dispute resolution and cost-effective approaches to resolve the disputes.

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