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CGM - Chapter General Meeting

April 9, 2015 - 11:30
Sandman Hotel, Vancouver


Luncheon - Rainscreen and the Resurgence of EIFS

April 9, 2015 - 11:30
Sandman Hotel, Vancouver

Presented by Andre Turrin, Technical Director-DuRock, EIFS Council of Canada Board of Directors

This Presentation will:

  • Address the four principal aspects of Environmental Separation that are applicable to EIFS: Protection from Precipitation; Heat Transfer; Air Leakage; and Vapour Diffusion.
  • Delve into the Fire Protection Articles of the National Building Code of Canada that apply to EIFS, most notably those involving Non-Combustible Construction, Spatial Separation, and Exposure Protection.
  • Discuss designing and detailing considerations with special attention to interfaces with other building elements, termination points, expansion joints, and drainage. The presentation wraps up with an outline of the EQI EIFS Quality Assurance Program (QAP), which is an initiative of the EIFS Council of Canada (ECC).

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will acquire an understanding of EIFS as a viable option to other cladding systems.
  • Attendees will learn the value of placing the primary resistance to heat transfer, air leakage, and condensation control outboard of the structure.
  • Attendees will understand how EIFS meets the fire protection objectives of the model building code. The three-dimensional colour illustrations enable attendees to visualize how these systems can be integrated into their designs.
  • Attendees will gain an appreciation for the various industry initiatives undertaken by the ECC on behalf of the industry.

Andre Turrin joined DuRock in 1997 and in 2006 he assumed the role of Technical Director for the company. In 2006 Andre was elected to the EIFS Council of Canada Board of Directors, where he continues to serve to this day. Andre actively participated in the development of the EQI EIFS Quality Assurance Program and Andre is a member of the ULC Task Group that developed the three CAN/ULC-S716 EIFS Standards. Andre also participated in a Joint Task Group of the Standing Committees on Environmental Separation, Houses and Small Buildings, and Energy Efficiency in Buildings, which proposed changes to reference the S716 Standards in the 2015 National Building Code of Canada.

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Related Event - Garabaldi Glass Day 2015


If you are unaware of our event we open our plant for Plant/Facility Tours, Vendors to have displays, Networking opportunities with Commercial Glaziers and Architect & Design professionals as well as offer AIA accredited sessions including a Panel Discussion with key industry professionals.

This is an opportunity to see what is new in the industry for products and regulations. After a busy afternoon of informative seminars and tours attendees are invited to enjoy some Garibaldi Glass hospitality.

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2014-2015 Program (Updated Sep 18, 2014)

  • Apr 9Chapter General Meeting
  • Apr 9 - Rainscreen and the Resurgence of EIFS
  • May 1 Garibaldi Glass Day
  • May 14 - TELUS Garden Building Tour
  • May 27-31 - CSC National Conference 2015 in Winnipeg
  • Sep 10 - SPEC GOLF 2015

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The TR course will provide a better understanding of contract documents and bidding procedures, product representation, professionalism, and ethics, and will provide a new depth of understanding and explanation of concepts beyond what was previously introduced in the PCD course. The course is designed for the individual involved in the supply section of the construction industry such as manufacturer representatives, agents or distributors of products. The student will have successfully completed the PCD course.

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