Lighting Design: Low Voltage and LED Lighting

Presented by Ellie Niakan of Intergral Group
June 06, 2019 | By Kazim Kanani

Details to follow!

About the Presenter:
Internationally recognized for her award-winning lighting design, Associate Ellie Niakan brings over 16 years of experience to Integral Group, where she leads the Vancouver Integral Light Studio. Through her passion and creativity, Ellie harnesses the power of light to create expressive designs that blend aesthetics and function.
Ellie is the first in Canada to have earned the International Lighting Designer Certification, and is among a select few worldwide that have achieved the distinction of Certified Lighting Designer (CLD). Ellie has led and worked collaboratively on a variety of projects, including cultural, recreational, residential, commercial, healthcare, transportation and urban lighting design. Having worked closely with international architects and designers across the globe, her expansive portfolio includes work from Germany, England and Canada.
With a focus on the human experience, Ellie considers health, wellness, and sustainability as intrinsic elements in developing a harmonious atmosphere expressed through the built environment. She is a sought after speaker and has served on various lighting design panels throughout her career. Ellie is currently teaching Lighting Design at LaSalle College in Vancouver.