Why become a CSP?    Why use a CSP?

CSC is pleased to offer training for new and existing specification writers that will allow the successful applicants the ability to become a Certified Specification Practitioner (CSP) through CSC.  By taking the applicable courses along with the required experience, you will gain the required knowledge to become more proficient in the specification writers role within the design and construction industry.  Becoming an CSP will show commitment to producing accurate documentation, thereby enhancing your professional credibility through increased confidence of your peers, employers and clients.

The objectioves of the CSP is to set standards and a high quality of practice for specification writers through prescribed qualifications, courses and a demonstrated level of competence and ethical practices.  As well as to provide a program for continuing improvement of specification writer skills and professional development and to establish a body of knowledge and standard of conduct for specification writers. 

For a complete list of requirements for certification please view the CSP application form.  Prior to completing this application form for the CSP designation, ensure that all of the following pre-qualifications are met:

  1. You must be a current member of CSC, non-member applicants must include a completed membership application form and fee which will be processed concurrently with the CSP application;
  2. You must have successfully completed the following CSC courses:  Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) and CSC’s  Specifier course.   Members who have taken previous versions of  PCD,  or Specifier 1 and  2 will be given credit for the courses if successfully completed (copy of certificate and/or date of completion must be included when completing the application.)

  3.  You must be actively involved in specification writing in the design and construction  industry,  prepare master specifications, prepare manufacturers specifications or related specifications and have a MINIMUM of five (5) years in the preparation or writing of specifications


1. Codes of Conduct & Practice: Certified Specification Practitioners by their acceptance of Certification shall agree to the following Code of  Conduct and Practices:

2  Code of Conduct related to Project Work:
      .1     The CSP performs quality work in accordance with accepted, recommended standards, skill and good judgement;
.2     The CSP administers and conducts work in a fair and consistent manner in accordance with the contract
              documents and industry  practice;
.3     The CSP issues instructions which are current, clear, concise, thorough, fair, and capable of enforcement on a
               basis of merit in a co
ncise  and complete manner.
.4      The CSP will knowingly not misrepresent a service;
      .5      The CSP:  

.1            upholds documents and specifications objectively and impartially.
.2            complies with Codes, Statutes, Regulations, and rules applicable to work undertaken;
.3            undertakes only work for which one is qualified;
.4            does not accept compensation for a service from more than one party on a project;
.5            avoids conflicts of interest;
.6            does not use manufactures’ or suppliers’ services that carry an obligation detrimental to the
               Code of Conduct;
.7            maintains confidentiality of clients’ and employer’s interests or business affairs and has loyalty to
               client and employers interests;
.8            maintains consideration for safety and welfare of the public;
.9            does not provide services without a contract or written letter of understanding, and
10           communicates through channels designated for the project.

3   Code of Conduct related to Certified Specification Practitioners:
   .1     The CSP engages in activities to advance effectiveness of recommended CSC practices in organizing, implementing,
 and supervising construction contract documents;
    .2     The CSP:

.1            supports the aims of CSC;
.2            freely exchanges non-confidential information and experience with other members of CSC;
.3            avoids conduct which would reasonably be regarded as disgraceful, dishonourable, or unprofessional;
.4            acts towards other CSP members with respect, goodwill and fairness;
.5            does not maliciously undermine the reputation or business of another CSP member.

End of Code of Conduct. 


CSP APPLICATION  (updated September 2014)