Why become a CCCA?    Why use a CCCA?

 The Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) designation was developed to provide professional recognition to individuals who administer constructors on a construction project to follow the requirements of a construction contract. It was also developed to address the shortage of trained and experienced construction contract administrators, who know and understand the processes involved with construction document preparation and its usage on construction projects.

The CCCA program is of benefit to, Contract Administrators, Property Managers, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Specification Consultants, Project Managers, Site Superintendents, Estimators, Building Authorities, and Bonding and Insurance agencies.

The course objective is to improve construction contract administration by providing education related to the understanding, administration, and enforcement of conditions of the contract during the bidding and construction phases of the project.

Consultants, contractors and others are expected to administer the finer points of a construction contract for the facility owner. In order to do this efficiently, a contract administrator must have a complete and advanced understanding of all aspects of the construction process and its workings.

The respect and recognition associated with the CCCA designation will give individuals a competitive edge and increase their credibility in the design and construction field. The CCCA designation attests to your knowledge of CSC's recommended practices in organizing, implementing and supervising construction contract documents, as well as your expertise in written communication.

An applicant for certification as a CCCA must be a member of CSC. To achieve the CCCA status, a participant must successfully complete the Principles of Construction Documentation (formerly the CSC Level 1 Principles of Construction Specifications), and Construction Contract Administration course; and must have a minimum of five (5) years experience in the administration of construction contracts. (Applicants must complete the CCCA Application Experience Log).

An applicant for certification as a CCCA must be a member of CSC. To achieve the CCCA status an individual must have a minimum of five years experience in the administration of construction contracts and have successfully completed both Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) and the CCA Program.

Codes of Conduct & Practice
1  Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) by their acceptance of Certification
     shall agree to the following Code of Conduct and Practices:

2  Code of Conduct related to Project Work:
    .1  The CCCA performs quality work in accordance with accepted,  recommended standards, skill and good judgement;
    .2  The CCCA administers and conducts work in a fair and consistent manner in accordance with the contract documents and industry practice;
    .3  The CCCA issues instructions which are current, clear, concise, thorough,  fair, and capable of enforcement on a basis of merit in a concise and
         complete manner.  Will knowingly not misrepresent a service;
    .4  The CCCA:
                .1  upholds documents and specifications objectively and impartially.
                .2  complies with Codes, Statutes, Regulations, and rules applicable to work undertaken;
                .3  undertakes only work for which one is qualified;
                .4  does not accept compensation for a service from more than one party on a project;
                .5  avoids conflicts of interest;
                .6  does not use manufactures’ or suppliers’ services that carry an obligation
                     detrimental to the Code of Conduct;
                .7  maintains confidentiality of client's or employer’s interests or business affairs
                     and has loyalty to client or employers interests;
                .8  maintains consideration for safety and welfare of the public;
                .9  does not provide services without a contract or written letter of understanding, and
               10  communicates through channels designated for the project.

3   Code of Conduct related to Certified Construction Contract Administrators:
          .1  The CCCA engages in activities to advance effectiveness of recommended
               CSC practices in organizing, implementing, supervising construction contract documents;
          .2  The CCCA:
               .1  supports the aims of CSC;
               .2  freely exchanges non-confidential information and experience with
                    other members of CSC;
               .3  avoids conduct which would reasonably be regarded as disgraceful,
                    dishonourable, or unprofessional;
               .4  acts towards other CCCA members with respect, goodwill and fairness;
               .5  does not maliciously undermine the reputation or business of another CCCA member


If you are applying for the CCCA designation, please include 2 - 3 references WITH email addresses in the application, and notify them that they will be contacted..